Bloomed Thorns

Once there was a king
who was wise and calm
he told stories which where so
existent to bloom coloured dreams in peoples wit…

He oath them to bring out
the stories as a book
And they sat tight for years to
behold flowers from the blooms

It was the day when stories
got published and the copies
endue with flowers…

with an ending.., poles apart from what they heard…

They wanted to point the fingers
but it was locked
They wanted to ran out
but the legs where chained

And His Highness sat on throne with a crown
made up of newly bloomed thorns…

everyone where muted
like it venomed
with a boom
‘Long live the king’

Everyone is muted
me,you and every others…


It was very hard for them
make a bunghole in every barrels..,
not too vast not too bite
what was the point…?

They ought to fill the barrels
upto third

The dwarf one said

It was better to sail the world
than filling…

but not harder than making a bunghole…!

The bung had to be tight
tighter than the head
tighter than the rivet
and the flow must be quicker
a dozen times quicker than filling…

They found it arduous
and the metier shifted to
the freshman
after the serene days they
were also quit…

It was very hard
but the hole must be drilled
bung must be caped
and the barrel must be filled
and it Repeated…repeated…
and repeated…


There was a Rat who was in hunger.

He ran everywhere in the house for something to fill his big tummy.finally he found a piece of cheese at the corner of kitchen..his favourite place in the house..the cheese was the best he had ever.

And he slept with the joy of a filled tummy after a long time.

It was a sunday morning the kid laughed in pleasure.Parents were looking at him as he was more happy than when he got the ice cream of his favourite flavour.He pointed to the red smelly corpse of the rat and said with an ultimate pleasure to his dad that..yes we won.we got him.Father was also happy that it was the proud moment infront of the he catch the one who was a toture for so long.

Corpse of the rat still had a smiling face.thanking the family for giving him the tastiest food ever in his life.

And they thrown it away from the wall to the dust bin.

The boy wanted to see another one and again put the piece of poisoned cheese.He liked the smell of the corpse… smell of the win.

And all of the family slept with the proud of the day.

Onto The Spring Of Avows

And he found himself within the shades of thou….,

Thy mysterious frons that converge Him

to the swirls of surge,

To the glimmering tracks of the
setting sol..,

To the unshatered love of his flout ticker..,which couldn’t find its extant…

To reach the mystific orbit of your heart….

To the spring of avows
From the autumn of lies…

Be Enough to Live

life was never enough for anyone

A begger wanted few coins to fill his hunger
while a millionaire wanted few moments of peace within

a jobless wanted a job to be proud of an employee wanted oneday off to get away his stress

a loving couple always worried about their future together while a single man was really sad for his loneliness

the child wanted to be an artist to paint the world while the artist was conscious about that little imperfection in his creation

life was never enough for anyone every one wanted more than they got more than they made

There may be someone who dreams less than us…lesss than we already are
do them the favour as much as we could and do pave your stones through the happiness you gets from

do enough to make your heart fill…


I don’t ever regret in my life
everything i done was the most
suitable at that particular moment

and every moment in our life is the decisions we make upon the situations…

it’s the experiences that makes our decisions…

eventually those turns to memories and if the memories are bitter one should make his life sweeter…


He was alone at that night
while looking up to the sky
counting the stars as much as he wanted…he suddenly looked backward ….

the wind was so near to him but never touched.
it had a story to tell him
the story of wisdom…

wind guided him how to attain
the ultimate wisdom
it was a secret and he was
instructed not to tell anyone that wisdom happens at the final failiure

then he started to fail again and again…but as much as he tried he doesn’t came across of the failiure and everything was a win…

he tried hard to find the failiure everywhere… atlast he failed in the search of failure.

and at that point where he got to know his final failiure he attained his wisdom…wisdom of life that there is no failiure and success but everything is the self within and it’s the ultimate wisdom.


നീ വിടർന്നിടും ചില്ലയായ് തീർന്നിടാം
നീ വിയർക്കയിൽ കാറ്റായി വീശിടാം
നിനക്കു തണലേകാൻ
ഇലയായ്‌ തളിർത്തിടാം
മധുരം നുകരുവാൻ ശലഭമായ്‌ വന്നിടാം
വാടുന്ന മാത്രയിൽ മഴയായ് ഉണർത്തിടാം
ഞെട്ടറ്റു വീഴുമ്പോൾ മണ്ണായി മാറിടാം
മറ്റൊരു ജന്മത്തിൽ വീണ്ടും ജനിച്ചിടാം…